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Zuhair Murad Pre Fall 2014 Collection


Since I reached over 500 followers (finally) it is time for a GIVEAWAY!

Also, since this is MURRICA (at least where I am) you have the FREEDOM to choose which prize you want!!

Here are your choices:


Option 1: River Song’s Diary


Option 2: Trust me I’m the Doctor shirt (choose your size)


Option 3: The Doctor’s sonic! (10 OR 11— not both)

It isn’t much but it’s my way of showing you followers how much I adore you!


  1. You have to be following me. (I’ll check, duh)
  2. One reblog allowed per day.
  3. Winner will be chosen randomly MARCH 14.

Oswin Oswald


Oswin Oswald

Amy Pond Costumes I’ve Finished


I haven’t made all of her costumes, but I’ve made a bunch, so these are the ones that are finished!!! Warning - there are a TON of pictures o.O


Beast Below

Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

Vampires of Venice

(wrong outfit, but we were having fun. XD)

Amy’s Choice - TARDIS outfit

Amy’s Choice - Frozen

Hungry Earth/Cold Blood (still need to get good photos)

Vincent and the Doctor

The Lodger (still needs good pictures)

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

Space Florida

The Impossible Astronaut - blue outfit (needs good pics still)

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon - Red

The Rebel Flesh/Almost People

Gatiss (season 6 episode 9)

Radio Times Magazine shoot

I’ll have a few more done soon, so hopefully I’ll have more pictures soon!!! <3


6/100 photos of Matt Smith


6/100 photos of Matt Smith


This is officially the best photo ever taken of me. Here I am with MATT SMITH, looking at the cartoon I drew of him, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

I’ll try to make this as concise as I can: I entered a contest to win guest list spots to the BBC America private party, which was also a meet n greet with the Doctor Who cast. And WON.

My friend Trish and I were one of only a handful of fans at this thing; everyone else was schmoozing away. Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue came in with their kids, still wearing their Con badges. Despite entry to the party being strictly limited to names on the list, it was insanely crowded, and when Matt, Karen and Arthur entered the room it was like the air pressure changed. They were IMMEDIATELY swamped and Trish and I spent the next 30 minutes semi-following them around the room, trying to get close enough to speak to them but neither of us willing to be as aggro as some of the other fans were. We ducked into the bathroom for a minute, and when we came out we noticed a line leading out of the VIP area, where they were snapping pics with fans. It was a pretty long line. We were at the very end of it.

I knew they would have to leave by 6:30 because the Nerd HQ Doctor Who panel started at 6:45…we were starting to get nervous that we missed our chance when a very nice woman with an English accent asked us what our connection was to BBC. When I told her I’d won a contest to attend the meet and greet, she pulled us and another couple of fans out of the line and led us across the room to wait. Within a few minutes, she returned…with Matt Smith.

The rest is a blur. I showed him my drawing (which is pretty goofy) and he LOVED it. He wanted to ask me about everything and we seriously ALMOST FORGOT to take a fan photo! Once I got one, he reached over some heads and handed my cartoon to Karen and Arthur! Trish took a photo with Matt too then I headed over to try to talk to Karen and Arthur who were BOTH PORING OVER MY DRAWING AND FULL ON IGNORING OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY WERE SO ENGROSSED IN IT. I was like I DREW IT IT WAS ME and the crowd sort of parted and both of them looked up at me at once and said “it’s amazing!” and “you drew this? thank you so much!” We talked about it for what seemed like FOREVER (although it was only a few minutes but STILL, how many people would chew off their own ARM to talk to them for MINUTES??)

I said ‘sorry there’s only one, so you guys have to decide who gets to keep it.’ Karen IMMEDIATELY raises her hand and says “I’m the most responsible, so I should look after it.” Then she reads out my name from the page, in her Scottish accent, and I pretty much leave my body, the end. They were SO SUPER NICE and genuine and easy to talk to. All three of them. And it didn’t help that Arthur was wearing a t-shirt with Keith Moon on it, aka my FIRST CRUSH at age 12. Just lovely, lovely people. AND STRANGELY, HOTTER IN REAL LIFE. Like, HOW DO THEY MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE ON TV.

all pics by the delightful Trish. Sorry for the quality but it was dark in the bar, the light outside was blinding and backlit them in every photo, and we only had Trish’s iphone.

Here’s Karen and Arthur talking to me (blonde head w/ red sunglasses)

here’s the “typical fan photo” Matt and I almost forgot to take!!!! Serious disbelief face

Before they had to leave, I actually saw Arthur TAKE A PHOTO OF KAREN HOLDING MY DRAWING. So I’m really really hoping he tweets/instagrams it at some point BECAUSE I SURE DO WANT TO SEE THAT PHOTO.